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My name is Igor and I buy and sell real estate.  I take pride in my work and thoroughly enjoy Real Estate.  I am uniquely familiar with Toronto’s diversity of neighbourhoods.  It is truly amazing to find such large variances within a relatively small area. My favorite part of the job is sharing with my clients the uniqueness of the city and the area that they are interested in, with an emphasis on how that will affect the future value of their home.
My background prior to entering real estate was sales, training sales staff and management.  I have trained and supervised teams of sales people as large as 30 and I owe my success to simplicity of my approach.  Informative and solutions oriented as opposed to high pressure used car salesman approach that we see so often.
I understand the need for flexibility in all stages of the buying and selling processes.  I am more than happy to help.
When I am not researching on my clients’ behalf, showing properties or negotiating the purchase or sale, I like taking walks trough our amazing city and finding and sharing with others the best kept secrets from its restaurant scene.  I am a passionate photographer and take pride in photographing my listings in a way that shows them in the best light.

Whether you are buying or selling, I will make sure that the process is enjoyable and stress free.  If you have a specific requirement or question feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to help.


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